What people are saying

I have had many opportunities to hire Lynne to work on various projects for my organizing business, Order Out of Chaos. For some projects, Lynne worked alongside me but mostly she worked as the lead organizer for many of my high-profile clients, and to great satisfaction. What can I say about Lynne that will jump off this page? Simply put she is a stand out. Lynne has a reputation for being fair, responsible and respectful of her clients. Her supportive and caring nature knows no bounds. She also has an uncanny ability to understand her clients and to “hear” what they don’t say as well as what they do. There is no one I trust more than Lynne to work with my most fragile or complicated clients.”

Leslie Josel, Order Out Of Chaos

Lynne Palumbo has successfully helped me organize at two locations.  In both cases, I was overwhelmed with an excess of disorganized paperwork, memorabilia, clothing and a lifetime of stuff.  Lynne approached each shift with goal setting and enthusiasm.  We were able to winnow out possessions that had outlived their use.  For objects that were still usable, such as appliances, medical supplies and yarn, Lynne was privy to specialized organizations that could give them new homes.  Lynne was also respectful of my sentimentality when I wanted to keep things that may have seemed inessential.  After each session I was so happy with our progress.  Lynne converted a miserable chore into a pleasant accomplishment.  I’m grateful for her help.”

Lynne is WOW!!! Wish I had found her sooner! Flexible. Trustworthy. Efficient. I’ve worked with Lynne on several major cleaning and re-organizing projects over the last two years. Simply put, she is amazing!!! Lynne is friendly, social and kind with a healthy dose of common sense. She really heard what I needed for each of my projects and tailored the organizing to suit my needs each time, even if sometimes my requests were somewhat quirky or not entirely logical. Although Lynne offers useful suggestions and alternatives throughout the process (many of which I took), she always respected my decisions and gave me what I asked for and I couldn’t be happier. Three cheers for Lynne!”

Nina G.
My home was hopelessly cluttered with objects from my past and things I thought I’d use sometime. Over years I became filled with shame and never allowed anyone to visit. Despairing that the task was overwhelming and insurmountable a friend gave me Lynne’s phone number and we made an appointment to talk.

I was given an opportunity to explore what these objects did for me and was respectfully listened to. There were sad moments and this was not without some moments of internal conflict.

We agreed to work together on my home one room at a time setting manageable goals. Lynne showed up with contractor sacks, mask, gloves and together we examined each and every object evaluating whether it added or subtracted from my current life. Separating reality from emotion within 3 days we gave away or disposed of all that was weighing me down.

Because of the respect she paid to my feelings I learned long term lessons about how to organize my home and gained insight into how gradually I lost sight of just how limiting my amassing “stuff” was.

Ironically, I am a professional psychotherapist but couldn’t think my way out of this situation. I bought myself a gift to celebrate my newfound space- a 1960’s juke box filled with joyful records representing the good in my past.

I am “house proud” now enjoying my space and don’t bring anything into my home I don’t have a planned space for, and keeping surfaces clear.

I am unreservedly happy to recommend her and have referred several friends to her for help.”

Gene Baumwoll, CSW

Lynne and I began working together in 2007. I worked part time in my own business, had three school age children and was going through a divorce. Our work was three fold: going through my house of 15 years to de-clutter and pack, unpacking and setting up organized systems in the new house, and helping me maintain and refine them over the years.  I had to organize my house enough to get rid of stuff and pack such that some would go to goodwill, some would go to my new house and some to my ex-husband’s house. It felt like an overwhelming project looming ahead of me that left me paralyzed. My lucky angel was smiling on me as I saw an advertisement Lynn had placed. We spoke on the phone and I got a very good vibe. And, as they say, 7 years later, the rest is history!

Lynne has a lovely way about her – very calm and light, yet assertive and kind. She never makes me feel silly for saving the gum wrappers from 9th grade that have special meaning for me! She has opinions, but walks the very delicate line between being too controlling. She is able to move at the client’s pace. I am a shoe collector – always looking for the perfect miracle comfort shoe. Some sit and gather dust over the years. Lynne is able to gently, a little at a time, encourage me to donate shoes that I haven’t worn in a year.  The remaining ones are categorized and organized.

Lynne adjusts her vision for a client to THEIR needs, not hers. She understands that I am not someone who needs a spotless counter and zero clutter around. I just need systems for knowing where to find things amidst my stuff. It amazed me that once she worked with me, room by room, in my new house, we were able to have systems in place (batteries go here, outgoing mail here, stamps here, aspirin here) so that everything had a place. She was even able to work with my three teens on their rooms. The other part of success has to do with not keeping So much stuff around (I may need that one day – really I may) that it is impossible to have a place for everything. Lynne has been very good suggesting what things I should keep, what I can store and what is ready to be given away or disposed of. She is a creative thinker with excellent problem solving skills.

I used to have a mountain of bills/paperwork perpetually on my desk which I would eventually try to dig though. I would often encounter late charges, missing bills, missed opportunities in the pile. Lynne has paid for herself over and over. Having a monthly appointment (she is very flexible with time scheduling) with her now in our “maintenance” phase, nothing gets that far behind. I feel a sense of control.

In addition to her natural demeanor – calm, kind and assertive, Lynne has availed herself of great educational programs and conferences the professional organizing field has to offer. I would argue that many many people could attend a million such instructional conferences, but without the right interpersonal talent and humor, would not be successful at helping clients succeed.”


My wife and I began working with Lynne Palumbo two years ago. My father had passed away, and we needed help with the seemingly overwhelming task of cleaning out his apartment and taking care of all his possessions. Not only was Lynne extraordinarily capable, knowledgeable, and resourceful, but she was also tremendously sensitive and kind. I could not imagine having completed this heartbreaking task without her gentle, able guidance. When it came time (finally!) after many years for my wife and I to clean out and organize our own home–the untouched boxes that had languished for years in our basement, the closets stuffed with unrecognizable clothes and old toys, drawers of stacks of old papers–she again provided a steady hand, clarity, patience, and utter professionalism. Our home has truly been transformed because of her, and our lives are infinitely better as a result. We could not recommend her more highly or enthusiastically!”


I am the managing attorney for a trusts and estates and elder law firm and I have recommended Lynne Palumbo Organizing on more than one occasion, to help with my elderly clients who could not manage their households on their own.  I worked hand in hand with Lynne Palumbo, who is not only extremely professional but truly cares about her clients.  She took on complex projects which involved readying homes for sale, organizing old paperwork and personal belongings, paying bills and managing appointments on behalf of clients, and supervising nurses’ aides and workmen.  Lynne takes on any task that is asked of her and gives 100% to every project as if it were for her own family.  She is trustworthy, responsive, sensible and kind.  I highly recommend Lynne Palumbo Organizing.”

K.C., Lawyer

I have used the services of Lynne Palumbo on many occasions and I can’t recommend her enough. We were first introduced to Lynne because we needed help organizing our home office. The filing system was non-existent and our bills and important papers were in total disarray. Lynne came in and saved our office system (and our marriage — lots of fights happened over that mess!!)

Subsequently, we used Lynne to help prepare our home when we were putting it on the market. We downsized to a house half our size and wouldn’t have been able to do it without her!!

Lynne is trustworthy and talented and so nonjudgmental. She was a PLEASURE to deal with and a tremendous help.”

Michaeline and Doug Curtis

I was lucky to hire Lynne as a personal organizer. Lynne brought a climate of energy and dependability to her work.

She helped me sort through piles of papers on my desk and quickly had me using neatly labelled files so that everything was identified and easily available.  The setup was so effective, it solved the problem of new papers piling up.  At first I was concerned about revealing personal financial information but I found she is so respectful of confidentiality that she put me at ease. She organized my closets as effectively as my desktop. Everything had a place and was easy to locate.

When my husband and I moved from a house to an apartment Lynne was there to help us pack.  She had good judgment in helping us decide what needed saving and what could be discarded without losing sight of our personal choices.  She took paper to the shredders and called volunteer organizations to remove bags of used clothing and household goods.  In addition she was an excellent resource  for painters and handymen as we prepared our house for sale.  Her calmness and hard work contributed to our smooth transition.

Sheila, Retired Physician